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Leveraging Big Data for Product Innovation

Identifying the desirability of new products has always been a challenge, especially so for innovation products. As Lenovo step into the fast changing PC+ era, the company feels an urge to adopt requirements on consumer insights such as faster, lower cost, and larger sample size. Social media has thus been selected as one source to test products / features to determine customer desirability & improvements on value proposition. We will share our learnings in this process on how Lenovo adopts social media data into product innovation process.

Ruoyu bao
Ruoyu Bao
Director, Global Analytics Hub

Ruoyu Bao is the head of Global Analytics Hub for Lenovo. He was a physicist by training, who also gained business acumen through strategy roles at McKinsey and Lenovo. These experience combined gives Ruoyu an advantage to bridge data and business need, as his current mission is to deliver business insights from both structured and unstructured data.

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