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Leveraging Beyond Acquisition

Performance oriented marketers are laser-focused on driving their businesses forward, leveraging paid media to identify and convert prospective customers.  Unfortunately, fostering the long-term relationships of those same customers often suffers.  Learn how to leverage paid media channels to engage, retain and grow relationships with its members on a one to one level.

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Adam Ostrow
Chief Strategy Officer

As Mashable's chief strategy officer, Adam Ostrow is responsible for defining and implementing strategy across the organization. Prior to being promoted to CSO, Adam was Mashable's executive editor, a role in which he was responsible for the company's editorial and business development strategy. In that position, Adam led the development of the Mashable Publisher Platform, created Mashable's video program and expanded the scope of the company's syndication relationships. Adam joined Mashable in 2007 as editor in chief, a role in which he directed day-to-day editorial coverage, authored more than 2,500 articles and grew the editorial staff from 3 to 25 employees. During his tenure as editor in chief, the site's audience grew tenfold to more than 15 million unique visitors per month.

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