Lean Data

This talk will focus on how to maximize the output of non-trivial business insights from big data with a lean data team. While it is cheaper and easier to collect and store data, the constraining factors for attaining meaningful insights are manpower and time. This talk will cover how to enable the entire studio to do simple data analysis, freeing up the data team to focus only on high impact research.  It will also cover proven tricks that lead to faster results without sacrificing statistical significance.

Pallas horowitz 1
Pallas Horwitz
Data Science Manager

Pallas Horwitz is the Data Science Manager at Skillz, the worldwide leader in mobile eSports, which was recently named the fastest-growing company in America. In her role, she focuses on marketing analytics, user segmentation, acquisition models and economy optimization to build user-friendly data tools. Prior to Skillz, Pallas led data teams at Mayvenn, Product Madness and Blue Shell Games. She believes that her primary role is as a data advocate and that companies benefit from everyone having direct data access. Pallas received her B.A. degree from UC Berkeley in applied mathematics and economics and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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