Lean Data

This talk will focus on how to maximize the output of non-trivial business insights from big data with a lean data team. While it is cheaper and easier to collect and store data, the constraining factors for attaining meaningful insights are manpower and time. This talk will cover how to enable the entire studio to do simple data analysis, freeing up the data team to focus only on high impact research.  It will also cover proven tricks that lead to faster results without sacrificing statistical significance.

Pallas horowitz 1
Pallas Horwitz
Data Science Manager

I am passionate about data and use it to inform all business decisions from strategy, operations, marketing, and growth to optimizing user behavior. I generally work with small companies that are either looking to make their first data hire, need help getting through that next funding round, or are looking to reposition their data team and bring new insights from previously dark corners of their business. I have several years of leadership and management experience, but at the end of the day I am a data advocate. No department should ever be intimidated by data or its insights.

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