How Product Content Moves Brands Through E-Commerce

Detailed product content is a consumer’s #1 criteria for buying products online. As a modern brand selling in today’s market, it’s critical to have the answers shoppers are looking for. Without accurate, impactful product content, the collaboration between brand and retailer is stilted, the consumer can’t find what they need, and everyone loses money. Learn why ‘content is king’ goes beyond blog posts, and how Mars Petcare is driving change through product content - owning their digital brand, driving internal innovation, and winning the support of their executives and the loyalty of their customers. And the dogs who love them.

Kacy mars headshot.001
Kacy Fabie
Digital Content Manager

Kacy is a results-oriented professional at Mars Petcare offering a versatile set of skills in Strategic Content Marketing. Highly motivated, cooperative team player; effective and comfortable in leading efforts for B2B and B2C digital channels. Expertise in eCommerce/eTail, PIM/DAM System Implementation, Display Advertising, Rich Media, SEO/SEM, Email Campaigns, as well as optimizing and integrating systems for better performance.

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