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It's What You're Doing, Not Who You Are Which Drives Behavior

Businesses spend a huge amount of time and money profiling their customers to predict behavior based on historic information, such as where they live and what they’ve previously purchased.

The problem with this approach is that it assumes we fit certain stereotypes. It also only allows you to profile those customers who have provided you with their personal details excluding the masses who may walk into your shop or visit you online and never leave their details.

At Triggar, we believe that the best predictors of behavior are what we’re doing or how we’re feeling right now.  Come and hear how we use big data tools to help us analyse, predict and improve online and offline experience, turning more prospects into customers and more customers into brand advocates.

Guy mucklow
Guy Mucklow
CEO & Founder

Guy is the CEO and co-founder of Postcode Anywhere, and heads the business strategy for Triggar – a new real-time analytics platform set to change the way online retailer view, measure and predict customer behavior. A board member of TechUK, Guy is an advocate of technological innovation, and was recently awarded a Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion.

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