Internal Open Innovation

The experience at Zodiac Aerospace of conceiving, launching and managing a pilot Open Innovation Challenge contest for all 30,000 employees in 100 facilities spread around the globe. The challenge topic was broad and general, allowing any employee to participate in this internal OI test program. Over 2,500 employees registered to participate and over 600 new product ideas were loaded on the online platform during the eight-week challenge. Fifteen internal Experts and Fellows were 'Technical Specialists', supporting real-time, active feedback to those who entered product ideas. A jury made up of the top executives of the corporation, including the Chairman selected the winning ideas.

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Rich Orner
EVP, Engineering & Product Development
Mr. Richard Orner is the Executive Vice President of Engineering and Product Development for Zodiac Arresting Systems, and is a member of the Zodiac Aerospace Science and Technical Council. He holds B.S.M.E. and MBA degrees from Villanova University. He has completed programs in Innovation Management at the MIT Sloane School of Management and “Innovation for Growth” at the Wharton Aresty Institute of Executive Education. Prior to joining Zodiac, Mr. Orner was employed at Allis-Chalmers Hydroturbines, where his accomplishments included the design of replacement turbines for the Hoover Dam and Aswan High Dam in Egypt. He holds multiple U.S. and international patents.
Rich Orner
EVP, Engineering & Product Development

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