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Innovation's New World Order

In recent decades, the globalization of business and rise in global M&A have led to increasingly dispersed innovation programs. For leading companies, this strategy is paying off. In the 2015 Global Innovation 1000 study, we examine the R&D footprint of some of the world's top companies to understand how much they are spending on R&D, where and how that spend has shifted. The Global Innovation 1000 studies of the past have long confirmed it's not how much you spend, but how you spend it, but now it is also where you spend it that determines your success. Come to this session to hear more about the Global Innovation 1000 Study and how the findings might impact your organization.

Barry Jaruzelski
US Leader, Automotive & Industrials
Barry Jaruzelski is a New Jersey-based Senior Partner who co-leads Strategy&'s Global Engineered Products and Services (EPS) and Communication, Media and Technology (CMT) practices, and is a member of the North American Management Team. He specializes in corporate and product strategy and the transformation of core innovation processes for high technology and industrial clients. 
Barry Jaruzelski
US Leader, Automotive & Industrials

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