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Innovation at the Intersection of Mobile and Healthcare

Convergent technologies including Mobile and Internet-Enabled Health have begun to disruptively influence the practice of medicine and diagnostics, accelerated by Big Data. This has led to innovative models of care from concierge practices to telemedicine, the networked hospital and home and the proliferation of wearable health and fitness gadgets. Can better personalized care be provided at lower costs?  How should better informed, engaged and socially connected patients interact with the transforming healthcare system? How will Doctors leverage information to enhance diagnostics, prevention and therapy? With the Digitization of medicine through Electronic health records, Imaging Technology, Wireless monitoring and myriad mHealth Apps, what role can mobile technologies play in enabling this paradigm shift in healthcare?

Vish madhugiri
Vish Madhugiri
Chief Innovation Officer

Vish is a senior Information Technology professional with a strong interest in and focus on interdisciplinary technologies, mobile technologies, academia, innovation and global thought leadership, and has set up international commercial, academic and research collaborations. He also believes that most future innovations will happen at the intersection of technologies/disciplines; for example at the intersection of mobile and retail, and big data and proteomics/genomics.

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