R&D Innovation Approach In Pharmaceutical Industry

The explosion of the technology, the evolution of the internet of things, the increased demand from the consumer for high quality and effective consumer goods has tremendously changed the world in the last decade. The Health Care industry has faced several challenges and opportunities. Nowadays, patients are well informed about the advances made in science and play more active role in the choices of their treatments. They also require highly effective and safe drugs for treatment, allowing them to keep active professional and personal life.

On the other hand, regulators and payers across the world, have increased their expectations of data demonstrating a high standard of innovation and value added from the new treatments compared to the existing treatment paradigm and positive societal impact.

The pharmaceutical industry has been continuously improving the drug Discovery and Development to ensure appropriate drugs reach the patients. With the increase of the expectations of the external stakeholders, the cost and time of the drug development have also increased in the last decade. Therefore, careful selection of the drug candidates and strong business planning are required. The opportunities for advancing the science and accelerating the innovation are numerous nowadays.

The Pharmaceutical and Health Care companies are implementing various models of innovation to answer the external demand and accelerate the innovation. During the session, I will share the Johnson & Johnson model of Innovation.

Elena rizova
Elena Rizova
Vice President External Innovation Asia Pacific

Dr Elena Rizova is currently Vice President Asia Pacific External Innovation Johnson & Johnson, based in Singapore.

Dr Rizova is a biopharmaceutical professional with 20 years of experience in international drug development from early clinical development to launch on a background of clinical medicine & basic science research. This experience stemmed from a broad-based role in several Pharma Companies, in which she developed the capabilities of working and leading multi-disciplinary team integrating Research and Development, Medical Affairs, Clinical operations, Regulatory affairs, Compliance, Pharmacovigilance etc.She has worked in several therapeutic areas including immunology, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry.. Dr Rizova joined Janssen in 2007 as a Medical Director Immunology in Europe where she has developed several strategic initiatives supporting Immunology portfolio for Janssen.  Since 2011, Dr Rizova has enlarged her professional responsibility in Janssen and led the Asia Pacific Regional Medical Affairs teams including Japan, Australia, China and India. Her main focus was the development of the company Medical Affairs strategy across several therapeutic areas, building the Medical capabilities and connection with health care providers to support better health care for patients in Asia. Under her leadership, the Medical Affairs teams have deployed several valuable external partnership, Medical education digital initiatives and platforms, partnership with DUKE NUS on developing training curriculum for medical affairs professionals in Asia.

Elena Rizova
Johnson & Johnson
Vice President External Innovation Asia Pacific

Biopharmaceutical professional with 20 years of experience in international drug development from phase 2 clinical development through launch,patient advocacy, medical affairs, commercialization and achieving access & reimbursement – based on a str

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