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Innovation and the Use of Big Data in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare world is rapidly changing; technology has given patients and healthcare providers almost instantaneous access to a multitude of information sources. This shift has increased the role of the patient in healthcare decisions that profoundly affect outcomes, underscoring the critical need for reliable information sources.

How can companies play a role in addressing this need? We will examine trends in the pharma/biotech industry and provide parallel examples in the world of consumer products, as well as examples of real-world activities that demonstrate the effective use of big data as a catalyst for innovation.

At the end of the talk, attendees should have a better appreciation for: -Rapid changes in healthcare information -How pharma/biotech are responding to the increased need for reliable information -How to apply real-world examples of big data use in their own work environment

Amit Rakhit
Chief Medical Officer
Amit Rakhit is Chief Medical and Portfolio Management Officer at Ovid, an entrepreneurial biotechnology company focused on developing medicines for people living with orphan and rare diseases of the brain. Amit is a senior healthcare executive with over 20 years’ experience including both clinical practice and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry experience. He is a medical doctor who was previously on staff at Harvard University/Children’s Hospital, Boston and also is a graduate of the Global MBA program between Columbia University Business School and London Business School.

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