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Innovate Mobile Advertising via Data Science As a Service

Traditional digital advertising is interruptive and it is one-directional  advertising, not both directional experience as user engage, So nature of  mobile - more personal/engagement/mobility took lots of attentions from  advertisers. Especially, huge user-demand from mobile game domain makes  mobile advertising economics, got grew a lot. At this presentation, with  billions of device scale, will show how data science can build a  personalized ad service and discover audience insight and put into  real-time decision making engine.

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Yohan Chin
VP, Data Science

Have well-balanced experience in academic research and big data internet industry. Innovated A New research branch in multimedia content data-mining area ("Knowledge-based Image Annotation Refinement"). Love for designing and coding Information Extraction algorithm from Big-data. Experienced all aspects of building social recommendation engines (from white-board designing, coding and up to deployment) Lead technically for userDNA engine across multiple vertical (Search, Music, Activity Streams, Marketing).

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