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Incrementality & Influencers

Why should you care?

Incrementality –

  • ·  How much of marketing is merely selling to your “regulars?”
  • ·  How much of your promotional discounting goes to consumers that were going to purchase anyway at full price?
  • ·  How much of your marketing is directed at a share-steal?
  • ·  How can you actually expand the pie and bring in new, incremental buyers?

Influencers –

  • ·  All consumers are not equal – why do we treat them like a homogenous group?
  • ·  Who are the people in every peer group that seek out new experiences and then tell everyone about it?
  • ·  What makes them tick?  What motivates them to share?
  • ·  What part of a new experience/purchase do they share? What is important to them?
Eric rasmussen
Eric Rasmussen
VP, Market Research
Eric has been involved in market research since the early 90’s spending years in Television programming before becoming an early pioneer in market research for the Internet (dial up era). As the Internet evolved, he joined in the late 90’s to create a research department and help develop the little known concept of Paid Search and Sponsored Listings. After evolved into and was purchased by Yahoo, Eric transitioned over to run research for the many faceted Yahoo Media Group (Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Games, etc.). Eric left Yahoo to run research at eBay where he increased his feedback points from zero to 200. From eBay to to create a research department and help guide the Shutterfly brand to a lead position in the photo market. Eric left Shutterfly over 2 years ago to create a research department at Leading all research at Groupon (US & 50+ countries) Eric is bringing Market Research insights to a company moving at light speed.

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