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HP Supply Chain IT operates in a complex web of software and data that supports one of the largest global supply chains in existence today. Oscar will speak to his experiences building HP’s new supply chain system and architecture that supports business innovation through possibilities in IT. By choosing where to invest in purpose-built supply chain software, and where to spend on best-in-class vendor solutions, HP is increasing its agility and competitive advantage with technology.

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Oscar Garavito
Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain Systems IT

Oscar is a Senior IT Manager at Hewlett-Packard’s Global Supply Chain Systems Organization. He is responsible for defining the strategy and architecture for HP’s Next Generation of Supply Chain Planning Solutions. He also leads the IT development and support team responsible for the Printing Business Supply Chain Planning applications. Oscar is a seasoned business and technology leader with more than 15 years of experience in different Supply Chain transformation roles. His areas of expertise include Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Inventory Optimization, Order Commit, and Customer/Supplier Collaboration. Prior to joining Hewlett-Packard, Oscar was responsible for developing advanced planning systems at Intel Corporation.

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