How We Became A More Creative Organisation

The Yahoo custom solutions team Studio has been responsible for the integration of Tumblr, the fastest growing social platform, into our offering for EMEA. While Tumblr had the potential to add exponential social amplification to an established and successful business, there were various challenges. Aligning the platform, resources and processes, and most importantly, evolving our creative strategy to ensure we have a unique offering in the market. Part of this evolution was how we sought to further enable teams by democratising creativity across the organisation. Our approach will be presented during the session.

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Alec McCrindle
Creative Director, RYOT
Alec leads creative direction for RYOT Studio. He led Yahoo's first EU-wide content marketing program in 2007, its first influencer programs in 2008, and two years ago he merged the visual content and editorial content functions in anticipation of the social/visual content trend. He's currently working on data led storytelling, neuro-testing and bringing unique content creators and technologies to the fore. Alec has had various creative leadership roles in the UK and South Africa since he left art school (to get involved in this new internet thingy in the 90's). He's still amused that it's went full circle on GIFs.
Alec McCrindle
Creative Director, EMEA

Alec is the Creative Director at Yahoo for EMEA, part of the Yahoo Studio team. He has worked at Yahoo for over 10 years, and in various design leadership roles in South African and the UK since the late 90's.

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