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How to Set up Your Organization to Execute Faster With Crowdsourcing

Celebrated American businesswoman Mary Kay Ash said, "Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless." Decades later, her words ring just as true. However, there has been a dramatic shift in how organizations can implement and execute on innovative ideas, thanks to new collaboration platforms and crowdsourcing. Join Mike Morris - GM of Topcoder - as he discusses the evolution of work and the role crowdsourcing now plays, industry case studies featuring IBM, the U.S. DOE, and others and how to set up your organization to execute faster with crowdsourcing.

Michael Morris
General Manager

Michael drives a high-growth team, customer innovation, and sales/services for [topcoder]™, the 600K+ strong global software development community focused on the design, development, and data science that redefines business. His ability to manage and motivate at all levels of the internal/external organization, as well as serve as an accessible software industry resource, enables Michael to connect with technologists and strategists throughout the world.

[topcoder] is the proprietary crowdsourcing development platform that powers Appirio, the leading consultancy for cloud technology development. Michael manages successful engagements with Comcast, Box, Facebook, Google, Harvard, Humana, NASA,, and others, as well as partnerships with cloud pioneers like, Google, and Workday.

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