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How to Reduce the Costs of Reverse Logistics

In this presentation Brian Stoltz talks about what reverse logistics are before going on to talk about key equations related to it and the T-mobile supply chain.

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Brian Stoltz
Senior Manager, Reverse Logistics Supply Planning

Brian Stoltz is a Senior Manager in Reverse Logistics for T-Mobile where he leads all aspects of reverse logistics supply planning. Brian and his team support multiple third-party providers and OEMs to process and refurbish a high volume of mobile devices. He oversees returns forecasting for all locations, including T-Mobile retail, big-box retail, and dealer networks. In addition, he plays a critical role in device lifecycle management, refurbishment decisions by device, production planning, repair costing, and materials management.  Brian is based in Seattle, Washington and has more than 15 years of supply chain management experience including roles at Eddie Bauer and Pet Smart. In 2012 he received the Excellence in Supply Chain award for Sustainability from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM).  He holds a B.S. from University of Washington and an M.B.A. from the W.P. Carey Business School at Arizona State University.

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