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Finance and the Internet of Things: The Future is now

The age of the Jetsons is upon us. Technology progresses exponentially and most finance leaders either do not have a grasp on what tools are available to them or how their businesses can thrive as a result of technology. Credit cards and checks are now a thing of the past and paypal, square, and biometrics are moving into the spotlight. Companies like Google and Amazon are finding ways to supply demand that requires instant gratification or basic needs within the same day. In order to stay current and profitable, all companies will need to start updating their view and acceptance of technology as a way to conduct business, market to the general population, and create work environments that will attract top notch talent.

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Melissa Doval
Chief Financial Officer

As a Miami native with strong roots in the community and having graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelors in Accounting, Nova Southeastern University with a Masters in Accounting, and also a Florida CPA, Melissa has recently joined The Recon Group as CFO and it's newest addition to the management team. With the additional expected growth for The Recon Group, Melissa has begun the work of creating organizational infrastructure in the HR, Operations, and Finance and Accounting areas. With 16 years of experience in management, finance, accounting, and human resources to leverage from, she will be bringing her expertise to help create sustainable growth through technology for the agency while maintaining the integrity of the agency’s culture and vision. Melissa has worked in public accounting for 8 years. She also spent another 8 years working in private industry with specialization in process improvement and new department creation. Some of these roles included work at World Fuel Services, Live Nation, and MTN Satellite Communications.

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