How Third World Innovation is Inspiring Western Entrepreneurs in Media

Dreaming In Color has merged with two highly successful studios; last year’s Innovation Summit’s Chief Strategy Officer of the Year recipients, Bishop-Lyons Entertainment and B47 Studios to form an international innovative media power house.  This presentation explores the life of socially conscious entrepreneurs producing entertainment media projects inspired by the values and ethos within third world innovation.

Lara lavi
Lara Lavi

Lara Lavi is a new media/entertainment law attorney, an entrepreneur, an entertainment company executive, a business development specialist, a film and TV producer & writer, and a professional award winning singer- songwriter. (She is also the proud mother of her teen- age son Cameron that is perhaps her most cherished identity).

Ms. Lavi founded Dreaming In Color Entertainment, LLC (DICE) with a mission to secure financing and fund and produce multi media entertainment properties she owns and controls in film, destination online television, music, trans-media, children’s and world appeal genres. DICE is in the process of rolling up with two other award winning production houses –

Bishop Lyons Entertainment based in Los Angeles and B47 Studio based in Seattle.

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