How the Movie Industry is Embracing Data Analytics

New opportunities for analytics adoption are constantly opening in new industries or business functions. Through investment in analytics, companies can more efficiently produce and market their films while saving on costs.

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Sezin Aksoy
Senior Director, Advanced Analytics
Sezin Aksoy joined Legendary Entertainment in January of 2014 as a Senior Director on the Applied Analytics Team. In this role, she is responsible for using insights from sources including market research studies and social media analytics and using these to inform business strategy. She works closely with software developers and data scientists in this effort. Prior to joining Legendary, Sezin spent 4.5 years with the Cleveland Cavaliers as the Director of Analytics where she built the Analytics team. There she oversaw pricing, inventory management, strategy and analysis for primarily Ticket Sales and Sponsorship, and other properties of Cavaliers organization. Prior to joining the Cavaliers, Sezin spent five years with American Airlines where she worked in Pricing, Yield Management and Corporate Sales.  Sezin has been an advocate of using data for decision making and leveraged this at the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as in her current role at Legendary. Sezin has a BS in Economics with a minor in Mathematics and a BA in Italian Language and European Studies from Duke University, and a MBA degree at Kellogg School of Management. Sezin resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two kids.

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