How The Modern CFO Drives FP&A Through The Organization

Taking the reins as a finance leader today has unique challenges regardless if the company is private or public. Whether your investors are individuals, institutional, Private Equity, or Venture Capital firms, accepting this responsibility is daunting. This is especially true in today’s world where the liability for finance leaders has never been greater. I will walk you through part of my “playbook” that I've accumulated as the senior financial officer of a half dozen companies which I guided successfully through startup, restructuring and fast growth periods and explain how I've leveraged and driven the adoption of FP&A both at the board and organizational level.

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Douglas Paulin

Douglas G. Paulin CPA graduated from Babson College with a degree in finance with a minor in information technology. He co-founded a software consulting company at age 25 and after growing it for four years by building business with the likes of NASA, Boeing, Nike and Lockheed Martin sold his share in it. He returned to finance a more complete professional joining the boutique investment banking and consulting firm Cove Partners. While there he helped restructure several businesses and was a finalist in 2011 for CFO of the Year, Small Private Industry as recognized by the San Diego Business Journal. He then led the Finance function for the private equity backed payment processing company, PayLease, where he helped them scale to processing over $2 Billion of funds a year. He now serves as the CFO of Autonet Mobile, a pioneer in the connected space whose WiFi hotspot and application platform has been adopted by three of the top 15 global auto manufacturers.

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