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How Supply Chain Can Be Your Company’s Biggest Customer Champion

Across every industry, companies are striving to achieve a customer-first mindset. It all starts with taking an end-to-end approach to reduce internal friction and create a seamless experience for customers. The role of Supply Chain is critical in integrating operations, from creating partnerships with suppliers to engaging with customers regarding the way they want to receive products and services.

Companies can be customer champions by taking an integrated approach, through initiatives that put customers and stores first, by leveraging omni-channel capabilities, and by creating processes that connect sales and operations. In this session, participants will hear how Supply Chain can adapt to meet customer needs, and explore key learnings from along the way.

Dov Shenkman
Vice President, Supply Chain & Global Inventory

Dov Shenkman joined Walgreens in February, 2013 as Group Vice President, Supply Chain Global Inventory and Transportation.  He is responsible for inventory and replenishment management, transportation and import management, supplier development, as well as private brand and DSD supply chain.   Prior to joining Walgreens Mr. Shenkman was a Senior Vice President of Inventory Management and Replenishment at OfficeMax.  He has over 25 years of industry and management consulting experience, including executive positions at General Motors, i2 and EDS-A.T. Kearney.   Mr. Shenkman worked and provided consulting services to many of the Global Fortune 500 companies. His expertise includes strategic planning, business transformation, supply chain management and general management.  Mr. Shenkman earned a Bachelor of Industrial and Management Engineering from Ben Gurion University in Israel, and a Master of Business Administration from Wayne StateUniversity in Detroit, Michigan.

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