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How Microsoft Empowers IoT Innovators

Microsoft has played a central role in facilitating Internet of Things forerunners including SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and M2M (Machine to Machine) since the 1990s.  We’ve provided real-time, embedded platforms to power sensors that no one ever sees, advanced robotics, medical devices and human machine interfaces (HMI) just to name a few.  Today, Microsoft Azure IoT services delivers hyper-scale telemetry ingestion, streaming analytics, machine learning and other components to unlock insights from the Internet of Your Things in order to transform your business.

Rob Tiffany
Global Technology Lead: Internet of Things

Rob has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur, executive, architect, developer, strategist, and the writer of bestselling mobile and wireless technology books. A pioneer of the smartphone revolution, he drove the development of the mobile app ecosystem from its earliest days and co-founded the world’s first cloud-based mobile device management company.

As a Mobile Strategist at Microsoft, he’s in-demand as an advisor to executives and a speaker at conferences all over the world. Rob has been responsible for the architecture, development and deployment of many of the world’s largest mobile and wireless solutions for Fortune 100 companies. Through books, articles, videos and workshops, he helps to empower CIOs, developers and IT professionals in areas of mobile, strategy, wireless, data replication, device management, security, the cloud, and highly-scalable infrastructures. Rob loves to get in front of customers and presents at industry conferences including DevConnections, TechEd, CTIA, VSLive, MEDC, TechReady, and Mobile World Congress. He’s the creator of Microsoft’s Mobile Line of Business Solution Accelerator, an avid blogger, and a published author of dozens of articles found in leading technology publications as well as five, best-selling books on mobile infrastructure and app development."

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