The Factors That Drive Effective, Impactful Innovation

No matter what industry you are in, we are confident that you have a strong interest in effective and impactful innovation. It is not just for the sake of innovation, but to surpass your competition, add to the bottom line, and ensure your place in today's fast moving landscape of ever-increasing technology advancements. Innovation today has to be more impactful and revolutionary than ever before; something that most organizations aren’t able to fully capitalize on because, as you know, today it is important to reach everyday consumers by leveraging state of the art technology (fast networks, mobility, IoT sensors, big data intelligence, social networks, and more). Innovation is a mystery to many, and very few organizations have mastered the ingredients and processes that are needed to deploy effective innovation strategies – comprehensive strategies that include often overlooked elements such as culture and leadership. Mike Steep will walk the audience through effective and proven practices of innovation, showing what it takes to execute with success. Through a hand selected few case studies, Steep will also show, from beginning to end, what it takes to successfully innovate in today’s tech-driven, multi-faceted society.

Mike Steep
Senior Vice President
Steep manages PARC’s global strategic relationships for clients in diverse focus areas including networking, novel electronics, human-centered innovation services, intelligent systems, and contextual intelligence. Mike has 20 years experience serving in executive roles managing global P&L's, country and global sales, digital marketing, corporate strategy, business development, innovation, and alliances for companies including Microsoft, Lexmark (IBM), Apple, Xerox, and HP. Steep earned his M.B.A from the Darden School of Business and his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University and an Adjunct Professor of Digital Business and a Distinguished Lecturer at Imperial College London. 

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