The Future of Health

Despite a slow regulatory process and other challenges, a host of new mobile tools, sensor technologies and devices are being developed for healthcare, an industry in need of change.  And these innovations are poised to improve health lifestyle choices and change the way that healthcare is delivered. 

Eric pilkington
Eric Pilkington
Chief Digital Officer

As Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy for McCann Health, Eric is responsible for growing and shaping McCann¹s digital capabilities and for driving innovation, across the North American region and globally. He leads a group of technologists, marketers, and strategists, and he is committed to changing healthcare and health communications through the practical use of data, technology and end-to-end solutions. Eric is particularly passionate about technology's potential to radically change the ways that people engage with their own health and wellness. A proven thought leader, Eric was recently named as one of the most influential people in Digital Health, and Pharma.

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