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What Does Innovation Mean In 2018?

When we think of innovation, we generally think of product and technology. But a great deal of value is derived from business model innovation. During this session, Ila Roof, Global Head of Digital Platform and Ecosystem Partnership at Arcadis, looked at short case studies of product/technology vs. business model innovation. She then went on to explore what types of employees companies need to attract to be successful innovation powerhouses. 

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Ila Roof
Former Global Vice President, Special Projects: Strategy, Operations, Innovation

Ila solves complex business problems for a living.  She is a product management and change management specialist with a background in strategy and innovation. Her work has focused on business model innovation in the healthcare, science and research industries.  She is passionate about helping doctors and scientists make data-driven decisions to improve patient health and research outcomes.  She has an MBA from MIT, is a native of San Francisco, and has also worked in Chicago, New York, Boston, London and Amsterdam.

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