Harnessing The Power Of The Crowd To Beat Cancer Sooner

The field of oncology generates huge amounts of data. Much of the analysis within this area is still conducted manually. Humans can make inferences based on experience in a way that a computer cannot. Algorithms struggle with the analysis as the level of complexity and heterogeneity of an image increases. Cancer Research UK have developed three different citizen science products that enable the general public to participate in this analysis. These products aim to accelerate research and could help us to beat cancer sooner. This presentation will discuss the analytical approaches used to increase the accuracy of the results obtained.

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Janette McQuillan
Statistician, Citizen Science

Janette is the statistical lead on the multi-disciplinary Citizen Science team at Cancer Research UK. Janette has been working for the charity for over a year. Prior to this, Janette completed a PhD in Statistics & Operational Research with an application in healthcare modelling at the Queen’s University of Belfast. Janette is interested in finding innovative approaches to alleviate bottlenecks and create insight into the huge volume of medical data being generated, particularly as the era of big data continues to evolve.

Janette McQuillan
Statistician, Citizen Science

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