Chief strategy officer

Growing The Niche

When you have a product that resonates highly with a core group of customers, has significant advantages over competitors but could ultimately be tagged as niche how do you grow beyond the niche? I’ll be discussing why growth is so important, and how others, including Betfair are approaching it.

Tim Moore-Barton
Chief Executive Officer

Betfair Australia is part of the world’s largest betting exchange - a truly unique wagering offering with market leading prices, the ability to trade in and out of positions, the ability to bet against (“lay”) an outcome as well as where winning customers are welcome.

Before transferring to the Australian business Tim worked for Betfair UK for five years where he was responsible for developing and implementing strategy across the Betfair Group, as well as taking a lead role in Betfair’s IPO in 2010.

He previously worked at Deloitte Consulting working across a broad mix of clients. 

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