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Gold In The Mud: Finding Insights When The Going Gets Tough

Using customer analytics and data science to better serve customers is nothing new. Doing so when you’re in remote locations without WiFi or cell-service increases the complexity. How about when your customers are purposely unplugged? How do you help them capture their experience and share it, all whilst preserving a rugged and down-in-mud authenticity? At Tough Mudder we love a challenge…

David Spindler
Director, Data Science

David Spindler joined Tough Mudder in 2012, as it transitioned from hot-start-up to the international brand it is today. Currently concentrating on building-out Strategic Marketing capability and new revenue streams, David has worked across the business in Strategy and Business Development roles. Prior to joining Tough Mudder, David was a Consultant with Bain and Company in Europe and South Africa, specializing in Big Pharma and FMCG. David began his career with UBS, getting a front-row seat to watch the credit crisis unfold.

David Spindler
Director, Data Science

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