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GE: Innovating For The Industrial Internet

General Electric (GE) is one of the world’s leading provider of industrial equipment and machinery - moving, powering, and healing the world. GE provides services to industrial clients worldwide, minimizing unplanned downtime for assets and driving operational efficiencies.  Data management and advanced analytics are core to GE’s recent success in delivering superior software-based services to customers across aviation, power generation, oil & gas, healthcare, and transportation. The torrent of data generated from machines, networks, devices and data centers in industry verticals provide challenges and opportunities. The challenge is to make this machine data meaningful and actionable to deliver on opportunities around operational efficiencies. I will share real-world case studies demonstrating tangible operational benefits - ranging from fuel savings to improving productivity to reducing unscheduled maintenance to enhancing on-time performance - by tightly integrating machines, networked sensors, industrial-strength data, and software to enable intelligent insights and affect measurable outcomes.

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Beena Ammanath
Executive Leader, Data and Analytics

Beena Ammanath is Executive Director for Data Science at General Electric. She works across the GE businesses and external customers to accelerate data science leveraging big data technologies on Predix, GE’s Industrial Internet platform. During her time at GE, she has built an innovative global team of big data engineers and data scientists, focused on delivering scalable business outcomes. She is passionate about data and analytics to aid cross functional teams to derive data insights, aid teams in articulating questions they did not know they had and help view data in more effective ways.

Beena has over 24 years’ experience in the data arena with a number of international organizations including British Telecom, E*trade, Thomson Reuters and Silicon Valley startups, in engineering and management positions. She holds a Masters in Computer Science and MBA in Finance.

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