Big data

Getting a Data Habit

The FT is a leader in data usage and insight and has heavily invested in this over that last 10 years, before Big Data was the buzzoword it is now. But how do you make this happen in your organisation? This talk will cover what it takes to get your organisation into shape to manage data and deliver real benefits from it, from both a technology and business angle.

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John O'Donovan
Chief Architect

John is a technologist focused on realising the value of technology to empower great products through technology change, strategy and delivery.

John was appointed CTO of the Financial Times in March 2013 to lead the technology strategy across the development and operations teams. John has a track record of successfully delivering high profile products and services for organisations like the BBC, Press Association, Sky, MSN, LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games), English Premier and Football Leagues and many others.

John has delivered massive scaled services like BBC iPlayer and the cloud solutions behind the PA Olympics and Sport real time data APIs. He has also built innovative solutions using semantic technologies for dealing with content management and big data problems, an architecture pattern which has been widely used since being pioneered at the BBC.

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