From a Billion-Dollar Multinational Firm to a Startup: How to Adapt, Survive and Thrive as a CFO

Having had the experience of managing finance for both large multinational firms and start ups is an immense asset. Adaptation and the ability to embrace change are, more importantly than ever, the key to survive and thrive. This session will be a road map for a successful transition as a CFO. We will discuss the "hard skills" aspects and bring real life examples of best practices, pitfalls and common mistakes. But we will also pay special attention to the qualitative "soft skills" aspects of a cultural, organizational and economical nature.

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Xavier Sanso
Chief Financial Officer

Xavier is a partner at Delvy, a  boutique advisory (Law & Finance) targetting the startup community. He also cofounded Spire Bioventures, an investment fund/management consultancy in the biotech industry with presence in Silicon Valley and Barcelona. He is also a visiting professor at EAE Business School. Xavier has worked for 20 years as a CFO and in other senior finance leadership roles at an EMEA level. Most recently he served as the CFO of UppTalk, a mobile messaging / OTT MVNO startup that was sold to a main Spanish telecommunications operator in 2014. He has an MBA from ESADE (Barcelona) and is a qualified UK management accountant (CIMA).

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