Fostering Leadership in the Treasury Function

Treasury is the nerve center of the finance organization and a key function in the overall enterprise.  Decisions related to capital deployment, cash returned to shareholders and funding of key initiatives all have a huge bearing on the success of the business.  However, despite all this, the treasury function can be perceived by the business as a black box where decisions are made in a silo. The treasury organization can be seen as a great resource to draw on for technical expertise, but not necessarily for future business leaders or even finance partners.  Upon joining Cardinal Health’s treasury organization over 2 years ago, I embarked on an effort to rebrand the group as a business centric function where key decisions are made in partnership with the business.  This required an overhaul of our talent acquisition, talent development and business partnership efforts.  This also necessitated launching an awareness campaign with the businesses that we support in order to elevate the profile of the group.  Although this journey is far from complete, there have been some tremendous accomplishments over the last 18 months as a result of the progress being made.  Through this presentation and discussion, I would like to share some of the insights I have developed over the course of my career regarding what it takes to build both a world class treasury and finance partner function.

Sam samad.001
Sam Samad
SVP, Corporate Treasurer

Sam Samad joined Cardinal Health in November of 2007 and was promoted shortly afterwards to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Pharmaceutical Segment.  Sam was appointed  as Corporate Treasurer for Cardinal Health in February of 2012.  He currently has responsibility for treasury, credit and collections and tax in addition to his direct responsibility for the finance organization of Cardinal Health’s China business. Prior to Cardinal Health, Sam was with Eli Lilly and Company where he spent 12 years in various international leadership roles in finance and in the business.  His last position with Lilly prior to joining Cardinal Health was as Chief Financial Officer of Eli Lilly Canada. In addition to Sam’s responsibilities at Cardinal Health, he is treasurer and a board member for the Cardinal Health Foundation. 

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