Finance Can Foster Innovation

Businesses move, react and adapt extremely fast.  Many companies have a large amount of difficulty even making 3 year projections. Some projections have bleak outlooks and innovation becomes vital.  The essence of innovation comes from where ideas meet economic viability and it is financial professional’s role to bridge that gap.  By providing a “sandbox” and framework, finance can provide the tools that will allow innovation to thrive. In addition, it is critical to management, executives, and investors that financial professionals paint the picture of what innovating will mean to the company.

Mark heiser2.001
Mark Hesier
Director, FP&A

Mark has worked in Financial and Accounting roles for over 8 years.  Currently the Director of the FP&A divisions at Nelnet, Mark also oversees a strategic business line that specializes in software and services for Private Student Loan origination and servicing.  Mark’s key areas of focus are currently in diversification and expansion of the Private Student Loan servicing operation, in addition overseeing the FP&A for the diversified business segment at Nelnet which has over $300MM of annual revenues.  Mark is a native of Lincoln, Nebraska where Nelnet is headquartered and has an undergraduate degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Finance as well a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska. 

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