Extending the Frontier of Innovation Science

Innovation Science is a new field that seeks to create predictable innovation outcomes through the application of statistics, socio-economics and innovation theory. In this talk, Gardner will explain the research that Mindjet is doing to extend the frontier of Innovation Science, especially in the context of crowds and large scale enterprise innovation systems. He will show early results of the broad research and explain new theoretical insights he and his team have uncovered in their research database of 7 million active users of their system.

James Gardner
Chief Technology Officer
James is Spigit’s Chief Technology Officer, and an innovation practitioner who has led innovation teams and programs in multiple industries, continents, and cultural settings. James is also an accomplished author. He has written three top-selling innovation books, including his 2012 release “Sidestep and Twist,” a controversial reimagining of the way innovation efforts should be constructed to create value. His prior books, “Innovation and the Future Proof Bank” (2009) and “Little Innovation Book” (2010) have been sold in more than 40 countries.

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