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Evolving Media Platforms

The constant evolution of mobile, social, and desktop publishing has created a disruptive pace in the media industry. Audiences are consuming content faster than ever before—not on a desktop but on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond. To succeed and continue growing, media players must adapt to keep up, whether it’s expanding the world of content creation to new platforms or partnering with an influential YouTube star to resonate natively with an audience. Patrick Yee, EVP of Marketing & Strategy at lifestyle media company Refinery29, will discuss this evolution. Patrick will look at how the company is reacting to the changing media landscape by diving into the history and growth of Refinery29, and its disruption of traditional media players, and speaking to the company’s current strategy for keeping up with ever-evolving social platforms and driving its relevance and brand identity.

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Patrick Yee
VP, Marketing & Strategy

Patrick is Executive Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy at Refinery29. At Refinery29, Patrick has lead the company through a 1000% audience growth which has helped the company to secure a spot as the fasting growing media company in the US per Inc 500. 

Patrick Yee
VP, Marketing & Content Strategy
Patrick Yee has been executive vice president of marketing and strategy at Refinery29 for over three years, having been an early partner in the now 10-year-old company. His current areas of focus include audience development (acquisition and retention/engagement), content strategy & real-time optimization, business intelligence, data/analytics, branded content, ad-ops/inventory strategy and strategic partnerships.

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