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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Big Data

There is so much jargon and unnecessary complexity in the news related to Big Data, that sometimes is difficult to understand what it is. The truth is that we have been solving problems with data for centuries, so  in order to understand what big data really is, it is important to first understand how data has changed.  In this talk, I review the reasons why we have so much jargon in the first place, current problems and concerns about big data, and why I’m still optimistic about the power of data.

Juan Miguel Lavista
Principal Data Scientist

Juan Lavista is a Principal Data Scientist for at Microsoft, where he works with a team of data scientist searching for insights in petabytes of data.  Juan joined Microsoft to work for the Microsoft Experimentation Platform (EXP) where he designed and ran control experiments across different Microsoft properties. Before joining Microsoft, Juan was the CTO and cofounder of He has been a speaker at conferences in many countries including the US, Canada, Argentina, Colombia and  Uruguay, and he also was a TedX Speaker in 2010 in Argentina

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