Engaging The Right Audience Through Digital Strategy

Business models for digital media are constantly changing, and it’s becoming more and more challenging for advertisers to reach key audiences and have an impact on the social web. As tools evolve, media companies are helping marketers create stories, find audiences, natively weave and present the brand’s message, toggle between social sites for additional reach, specify channels (desktop, mobile, newsletter, video) and hyper-target geographically. Tom Davis, Chief Marketing Officer at Forbes Media, will discuss the new ways brands can connect with audiences. This discussion will address the impact this new newsroom, new tools, always on publishing cycle, and immediacy of feedback is having on marketing objectives. 

Janett haas
Janett Haas
Vice President Sales

Janett is a senior level executive with 15 years in online and print media sales. She is a strong leader and manager with a proven ability to impact the bottom line.

Janett Haas
VP, West Region Sales

Janett Haas is the Vice President of Sales for West Region at Forbes Media.

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