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Engaging The Millennial Audience

Since its inception just three years ago, Elite Daily has grown to become the leading digital media platform for millennials, generating up to 73 million unique visitors a month, with approximately 71% of its overall readers being between the ages of 18 and 34. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, publishers are seeking new ways to attract millennial readership. Through new technology and progressive content development, Elite Daily has identified key elements to best engage with and retain a wide millennial audience. The presentation will cover content strategy and platform development examples from the publication that knows millennials best. 

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Greg Dybec
Managing Editor

Greg is a dynamic and quality-orientated content management professional with experience driving company and brand value through innovative and engaging content creation efforts, writing initiatives, and new media solutions. He has extensive experience leading international teams and overseeing major content-related projects. Having been at Elite Daily, which has around 40 million monthly visitors (with 75% using mobile) since 2013 Greg has played a key role in the impressive rise of the site as one of the web’s leading lifestyle and culture news sites.

Greg Dybec
Managing Editor

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