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Efficient Planning - How to Replace Inventory with Data

One of the most common, and costly, problems to solve for in supply chain stem from E&O inventory and its impact to the bottom line. Through this presentation we will explore ways in which the IT industry is replacing physical inventory with data and how Google is applying some of these principles today.

Fernando saenz
Fernando Saenz
Head of Demand & Supply Planning

Fernando currently leads the Demand/Supply planning organization for consumer electronic hardware at Google. He has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry working on manufacturing operations, inventory management, fulfillment, sales operations and B2B online sales.  Through his professional career he has focused on building and leading high performing teams and driving cross-functional execution to increase profitability, delight customers and reinforce employee loyalty.  Fernando has a demonstrated track record of being a results and data driven problem solver with keen ability to break down complex technical issues into easily consumable business language.

Fernando Saenz
Head of Demand & Supply Planning


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