Digital Transformation

How various departments of BBC News have been reacting to digital demands and specific needs of various segments of our vast audiences - we are talking about changing the ways Newsroom works, how Newsgathering correspondents prioritise their tasks, how different departments work in fast moving social-first and mobile-first environments, how we try to work with younger audiences.

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Dmitry Shishkin
Digital Development Editor

Dmitry Shishkin is BBC World Service Digital Editor. He is responsible for shaping and leading the evolution of BBC World Service, in English and foreign languages, in the digital age, with particular emphasis on editorial innovation and change management.

He has worked in various editorial development and leadership roles for the digital section of BBC News over the last five years. These roles have required liaising between editorial, product and strategy teams in order to drive innovation, develop new ways of reaching audiences and increase engagement across the world. He has also been involved in several change projects affecting the BBC News division as a whole, devising practical plans of truly placing digital at the heart of everything the BBC does. 

Dmitry has also been working with technical start-ups in Africa to find new ways of connecting with African audiences through BBC's digital platforms.  

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