Defining & Measuring ‘Game Style’ In Field Sports

Within team sports, commentators, spectators, coaches and players all use the term ‘game style’ or ‘play style’ to describe what we see - or think we see - when watching field sports. The problem is the generic term ‘game style’, describing a way a team has performed or a playing pattern that has developed, has never been defined. Because is it not defined, it has not been measured. Consequently, it is difficult to monitor and research the concept of game style to track changes over time, among coaches, between clubs and leagues, and as player profiles change.

Kevin Norton
Professor, Exercise Science

Kevin is a professor of exercise science at the University of South Australia. He has had significant sports industry involvement with a 3-year secondment to Sport Knowledge Australia [Commonwealth funded International Centre of Excellence in Sports Science and Management], and Human Kinetics USA to develop sports science software. He has also undertaken numerous applied research projects for professional sporting bodies including the AFL, ARU, IOC, ASC, NRL, SL and IRB. Kevin has published over 150 research papers and a range of commercial software products. These include fitness programs and interactive sports science tools for students through to professional products for clinical exercise physiologists, sports scientists and other health practitioners.

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