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Data Science Empowering Personalization

Commerce is at an inflection point where customers expect better and easier experiences both online and offline. They expect individualized experiences, while at the same time demand that their privacy is safeguarded. This presentation describes a predictive solution that enables real-time personalization at scale. Data Science is used to leverage eBay's powerful infrastructure, services and massive amounts of commerce data, while protecting the privacy of eBay's customers.

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Vadim Kutsyy
Sr Director of Data Strategy

Vadim is Head Data Scientist for PayPal. Vadim is responsible for creating predictive models based on PayPal. data to create new disruptive innovations for PayPal merchants. These models include but not limited to industry insights, customer analytics and real-time personalization. Prior to joining PayPal , Vadim was a Principal Scientist at eBay Inc. group that created a real time event driven analytical solution based on network relationship of the users across eBay Inc. This system is currently hosting networks with billions of nodes and computes tens of millions scores per day and is used across eBay Inc. Vadim created and implemented self learning Bayesian Network based model for a real-time fraud prevention at Guardian Analytics. Prior to that, Vadim held a variety of roles at Cytokinetis, General Motors, Bell Labs and SPSS along others. Vadim has PhD in Statistics and MS in Engineering from the University of Michigan Arbor, MS in Statistics from the University of Chicago and BS in Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics from University of Wisconsin Madison. 

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