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Data Science & Analytics for the Cloud Infrastructure

Currently we have several entities that offer cloud based products and services (popular examples being Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix). Generally such ventures require significant investments in compute, storage and network resources. Therefore, streamlining and optimizing these resources offers the potential for some significant cost and performance benefits. In this talk, I highlight the growing role of data science and analytics in this space. I will include some real world illustrative examples as well. In the end, I will conclude with a call for applying data driven principles to all facets of running a modern day business (i.e. not just marketing, sales and customer relationship management) and provide relevant examples.

Rajiv jayant
Rajiv Jayant Krishnamurthy
Manager, Data Science & Analytics Engineering
Rajiv Krishnamurthy is a Manager of Data Science and Analytics in Facebook's Infrastructure team. He has over 10 years of experience in data driven analysis and decision making. Prior to Facebook, he worked on matching algorithms at, predictive analytics at Blockbuster Online and ran empirical studies on Open Source communities in grad school. He holds a Ph.D in Management Science, a Computer Science and a M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering, all from the University of Texas, Dallas. 

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