Data Inception

Does getting data and insight into your organisation feel like planting subliminal messages into people's brains?  How do you uncover all the layers of potential for driving the right decisions in a fast changing and rapidly scaling business?  In this talk, Thom will describe the process of building an insight-informed organisation from nothing to a core business asset based on his experience at SoundCloud.

Thom Cummings
VP, Growth & Insight

Thom Cummings is the VP of Growth & Insight at SoundCloud, a social sound platform that gives users unprecedented access to the world’s largest community of music and audio creators. Since joining in early 2010, Thom has helped the company grow from a small but passionate userbase to today, when the platform reaches over 200m people across the web.  In his role leading the growth and insight teams, Thom helps to understand how the world interacts with sound and translates those insights into strategies to fuel further user growth.

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