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Cutting Through the Big Data Hype for True Customer Insight

Dual Presentation with Walter Maguire, Chief Field Technologist from HP Vertica & Christopher Surdak, Global Subject Matter Expert from HP Autonomy.

Is Big Data just another marketing buzzword? Can organizations use Big Data to create messages, experiences, and services that resonate personally with their customers? The answer is absolutely yes, but managing and analyzing the growing volume and variety of information collected by websites and other channels – clickstreams, transactional data, call center conversations, social media posts, etc. – makes it challenging to truly understand customer interests. Join us for this session to learn how the HP HAVEn Big Data platform can help you to store, manage, and analyze all of your Big Data for business value. In addition to real-world use cases, you’ll also get a technical deep dive on how HP HAVEn enables you to incorporate your choice of technology – Hadoop, R, any BI/visualization environment, etc. -- to deliver true 360-degree customer analytics.

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Walter Maguire
Chief Field Technologist

Walter Maguire has twenty-seven years of experience in analytics and data technologies.  He practiced data science before it had a name, worked with big data when "big" meant a megabyte, and supported the movement which brought data management and analytic technologies from back-office, skunk works operations to core competencies for the largest companies in the world.

In October of 2010, Walt became the first hire west of Denver for Vertica, makers of the Vertica Analytics software platform for real-time analytics of structured and unstructured data.  Since then, he has helped build the HP Vertica customer base and team in the Western USA.  He has worked with a wide variety of SQL and NOSQL technologies as well as tools and techniques for analytics.  Now as Chief Field Technologist with HP Vertica, Walt has the unique pleasure of addressing customer needs with the continuing evolution of Vertica and HAVEn, the HP Big Data strategy that links hardware, software, services, and business transformation consulting for successful execution.

Christopher surdak
Christopher Surdak
Global Subject Matter Expert
Christopher Surdak is an industry-recognized expert in Collaboration and Content Management, Big Data, Information Security, Regulatory Compliance, and Cloud Computing with over 20 years of professional experience. Presently, he is Global Subject Matter Expert for Big Data, Information Governance and eDiscovery for HP Autonomy. Mr. Surdak has held similar roles with other leading companies such as Accenture, Siemens, Dell and Citibank. Mr. Surdak holds an Executive Masters in Technology Management and a Moore Fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He also holds a CISSP Master’s Certificate from Villanova University.

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