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Curating Satellite Data for Students, Educators, and Citizen Scientists

Data visualization hinges on one key aspect: its relevance to our users. Our audiences are desperate for data that speaks to their needs and supports their research. NASA has hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of data that are accessible, in theory, but how easy is it for the average person to navigate the varying interfaces, formats and ftp sites? The MY NASA DATA project is focused on finding relevant data within NASA’s data centers and curating this data into a usable format for students, teachers, and citizen scientists to use within their explorations. How do we empower our audiences with simple, easy to use tools that level the playing field with research scientists? During this session we’ll examine the processes we are using to connect users to data, through the use of transformative processes and next generation tools that allow users to extract real meaning from research-grade data.

Dan o
Daniel Oostra
Computer Scientist

Daniel Oostra is a computer scientist working as a web developer and technical lead for the MY NASA DATA Project (  Daniel also leads development on a number of data rich applications for the Committee on Earth Observing Satellites and the Earth Systems, Technology and Energy Education for MUREP project.  Daniel’s team takes NASA data and creates visualizations, lessons, activities, and other materials for students, educators and citizen scientists.

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