Creating Meaningful Connections Between Online and Offline

In a world where the digital and physical divide is fast disappearing, how does a brand create seamless experiences between online and offline behaviors? At Airbnb, there are many tools that we use as experience designers to facilitate and augment our users' needs throughout their entire journey in travel. In this talk, I will discuss some of the tactics we utilize, from leveraging familiar experiences to creating trust within our community of guests and hosts.

Amber cartwright
Amber Cartwright
Experience Designer

Amber is a San Francisco based user experience designer and innovator with more than ten years of experience in digital design. Her passions and interests are about designs and experiences that have a meaningful impact on people's lives, including physical interaction design, empathetic design and wearables. Amber is currently a Lead Experience Designer at Airbnb, but her prior positions extend to designing interactive experiences for brands such as Loblaws, Google, Target, American Express, GE Capital, among others.

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