Creating Loyalty in the Digital Age

Due to the shift in communication across digital platforms, an approach to loyalty and retention that relies simply on emails is neglecting a larger portion of the customer relationship. The nature of social media has empowered consumers, presenting marketers with an always-on pipeline to customer chatter. This perspective has uniquely shaped the way that Samsung Mobile US approaches L&R with our advocates, and how we create intrigue with others. By being a true “listener,” Samsung has been able to construct a conversation bridge that influences sentiment, solves customer problems, builds loyalty and ultimately acts as a lead generation tool that drives sales.

Colleen mcduffe
Colleen McDuffe
Senior Director, Loyalty Marketing
Colleen McDuffee is an award winning, results driven Digital, Social and Loyalty marketer with a passion for customer experience, design, content and analytics. Successfully lead award winning teams focusing on digital marketing, social media, paid media, SEO, content strategy, design, loyalty marketing and digital operations.

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