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Corporate Strategy - From Formulation to Execution

Articulation of a corporate strategy for a diversified industrial giant with €24bn of sales in more than 100 countries may be a difficult task. Making sure that the strategy is translated into actionable plans and executed is even a bigger challenge. This presentation will provide you with insights into which challenges the Corporate Strategy department of a French multinational Schneider Electric is facing in an ever-changing business environment. It will also give an overview of both success stories and painful lessons learnt throughout the group strategy definition and execution journey.

Anton Kotov
VP, Strategy, Global Key Accounts & Segments
Anton Kotov works as Corporate Strategy & Development Director for Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, out of company’s headquarters in Paris. Over past years, he has been in charge of strategic projects on the group level, global strategy definition, mergers & acquisitions activities, as well as business planning for key countries. Prior to this role, Anton was heading Business Optimisation function for one of the company’s business units in Europe. Before that, he was heading marketing function for a commercial real estate company in Russia. Anton holds an MBA degree from HEC Paris and IESE Business Schools. 

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