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Continuous Deployment In Both TV And Digital

Fusion is building a multi-platform stack for continuous deployment to its cable TV network and digital properties.  A bidirectional flow of content from linear TV to web and mobile is powered by Wordpress and Ooyala at its foundation.  This workflow enables ideas from business and creative teams to launch features into production on a daily basis.

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Hong Qu

Hong Qu currently serves as CTO for Fusion.  He has worked on the founding teams of YouTube and Upworthy.  At YouTube, he designed, coded, and launched key features such as channels, sharing tools, homepage, and video ads.  For Upworthy, he built a state of the art content management system optimized for social media and real time analytics. He specializes in helping media companies drive customer growth through design thinking.   Hong graduated from Wesleyan University and UC Berkeley's School of Information.

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